Product Development

We develop new products in sheet metal, sometimes in combination with other materials like wood, plastics, integrating commercial components and mechanisms.

Modern tools like CAD-CAM allow to have a good understanding of what has been developped.
Before it is put into production.

Modifications can easily be implemented.
Checks can be performed.
By doing so, long delays and expensive surprises can be avoided.


Our customers can rely on our experience, our know-how in sheet metal work and our ability to work together with the customers design and engineering team.

It is extremely important to contact the subcontractor at an early stage, since 80% of the product cost is defined and fixed during the engineering phase.

Only 20% of the cost can be optimised later on, by choosing better techniques or cheaper subcontracting.


We can re-engineer an existing product to reduce manufacturing cost under the restrictions to keep all product functions and specifications.

Either by a different concept, another manufacturing technique, or the use of a more efficient tool.

On the left you can see an example of an assembly with 7 componants replaced by one sheet metal part.