With our MRP software (Material Requirement Planning) we are able to guarantee on time delivery, sometimes on a daily base.
Commercial componants are ordered on time, productions are scheduled on time.
The manufacturing process is continuously monitored and rescheduled when necessary.

Subcontractors are closely followed up.

Complete Assemblies

We can subcontract complete assemblies, integrating many componants, mechanisms, all purchased or outsourced by us.

We are responsible for purchasing, the follow-up, and quality control.

We can take care from pre-assembly to full assembly, for the transportation and the installation on-site.

MT remains the sole and full responsable contractor.


Electro-coating - Galvanisation - Phosphate coating - Sand blasting - Zinc coating - Plastic coating - Cataphorese E-coating - anodisation of alu alloys - Chrome coating - Pickling and passivation stainless steel

Ink screening - Tube bending - Tube laser cutting


if requested we can take care of the transportation of your goods:

Own trucks & External Transport Companies