Project Engineer (KUU/DOT)

As our project engineer, you play an essential role in planning, coordinating and executing technical projects within our company.
You will be responsible for the successful delivery of projects within time, budget and quality standards.
You will work closely with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders to achieve project goals and ensure customer satisfaction.
You are a technical expert and strong project leader, able to tackle complex technical challenges and motivate team members.

Calculator (KUU)

Als calculator ben je verantwoordelijk voor het opstellen van gedetailleerde kostprijscalculaties voor diverse projecten. Je werkt samen met de CEO en engineering om technische specificaties te begrijpen en te vertalen naar kosteneffectieve oplossingen die voldoen aan de verwachtingen van de klant.

Quality Engineer

Als Quality Engineer ben je verantworodelijk voor de klachtenbehandeling en klantencommunicatie. Je werkt preventief op kwaliteit, ontwikkeling van nieuwe werkmethodieken, rapportering en opvolging en je bent de eerste lijn voor het klantencontact.

Our company culture

Metal Technics is a family owned business with a horizontal organizational structure, a company where the founder and ceo works in between his people. With a mentality to only instruct people to do something in a certain way because he has done it himself before. Only with this type of mentality and organization there is a close relationship and respect among all employees.

Metal is a passion. Making products is a passion. This is the only key to learn and grow in our company. Therefor a big percentage of our employees stay for a very long in the company.

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